Sky Courier manages the logistics and transport of all trial materials, packaging, scheduling and routing.
We provide time and temperature-sensitive transportation services to the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Controlled ambient (+15°C to +25°C)
  • Refrigerated (+2°C to +8°C)
  • Frozen (-15°C to -25°C)
  • Deep frozen (-70°C) Dry Ice
  • Condition credo units for Frozen (-15°C to -25°C) and Refrigerated (+2°C to +8°C)

Every shipment is handled on an individual basis by highly trained personnel.

Our services include:

  • Temperature-controlled packaging, supplies, and expertise
  • Dry ice / gel-pack replenishment and temperature monitoring with data loggers
  • Customs clearance and pre – custom clearance for shorter transit time
  • 24h/365days availability, including weekends and holidays

We collect and ship drug products, clinical trial materials, and biological samples.